Abi Pearson





Abi started her singing career at School along with playing the piano. As a member of a local Baptist Church she sang in the music group and also in some local musical shows, where she gained a much wider musical experience.

Abi passed all her grades in singing and after finishing her A levels she traveled to Australia for 5 months which she explored extensively. After returning to the UK, she traveled to Ireland where she has build up a fan base with her songs, singing in various venues in Cork and Dublin.

Abi has been writing and recording for about a year now, singing at various events including the O2 arena, Pacino's Restaurant,Toast Bar and various other different bars and locations. traveling around Northern and Southern Ireland performing at various events including Derry’s Busker competition and Waterford’s summer festival.

Should you want to book Abi for any venues in the UK or Ireland, please get in touch with us to check availability.

Abi Pearson - singer songwriter
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